Lactation Education

If you’re experiencing pain when breastfeeding, if you’re noticing your baby won’t latch well, are unsure if the baby is getting enough milk, or just need to hear that you’re doing a great job…. then Janice is here to help you!

Janice knows that there are many reasons a one-on-one lactation education meeting can help.  You will gain confidence in your breastfeeding ability by helping teach you and your baby how to obtain a “good latch”.  A good latch is so important because not only does it ensure that your baby is feeding well, but it will help mom feel COMFORT while feeding.  One of the main reasons women give up on breastfeeding is because they are experiencing pain. 

Breastfeeding your baby is so much more than just FEEDING your baby!  Research shows endless benefits for both you and your baby from breastfeeding.  That is why Janice is passionate about helping you achieve breastfeeding success.

Initial appointment:  $75.00 (usually approximately 1 hour in duration)

Follow-up appointment (if needed):  $45.00