Environmental Medicine

Living healthy in a toxic world is a challenge but there are lifestyle changes and interventions we can use to minimize our exposure as well as therapies to increase our body’s ability to eliminate harmful substances.  Unfortunately, environmental medicine is often oversimplified to “detoxification” which has become a buzzword in many health circles.  However, environmental medicine considers the biological factors, chemical factors, physical factors and community or social factors that affect health. 


People suffering from environmental toxicity commonly have central nervous system deficits which are recognized by symptoms of chronic fatigue, poor concentration, decreased short-term memory, distractibility, mood swings or depression and an inability to tolerate perfumes or other strong smells.  As more organ systems are involved, people can experience digestive problems, muscular and joint pains, recurrent respiratory, ear, nose and throat problems, and hives or allergies.  We will investigate thoroughly to determine if there are environmental causes of your symptoms and provide you with the safest individualized strategies and treatments.

If you are interested in a Canadian documentary that outlines some of the basic issues surrounding the effect of environmental pollutants on us, take a look at Homo Toxicus.