Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine utilizes diverse plant substances from around the world for their powerful healing and nutritional values. People have long used thousands of indigenous plants for treatment of various ailments and every year the body of research supporting their effectiveness increases. The flowers, roots, leaves or oils of a plant may be used in the remedy. Therapy may take the form of teas, tinctures, ointments, essential oils, poultices and capsules.

Natural does not always mean safe - As with nutritional supplements, some herbal remedies have the potential to cause adverse drug interactions when used in combination with various prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Additionally, some botanicals are themselves potentially toxic and therefore the duration of use and dose needs to be monitored. Your ND will carefully review your current health situation before recommending a specific botanical remedy or combination. 
Naturopathic doctors have extensive training in conventional pharmacology and herb-drug interactions, dosing, potential side-effects, and compounding formulations.